Saturday, June 27, 2009

Proper Introduction

"Come writers and critics, who prophesize with your pens. And keep your eyes wide. The chance won't come again ..."
-Bob Dylan

I woke up today and realized that I haven't kept a diary or any sort of permanent log of my thoughts and experiences in a long time. The things I've written and the thoughts I've expressed have been scattered all over the place. I have written the occasional piece on my Myspace page, or Facebook Notes, or just scribbled notes or typed stuff and filed it away in the bowels of my computer for future use.

I used to keep a regular blog in college. For the most part, it was a private collection of thoughts about that period in my life, as it was unfolding. I shared it with a few close friends, most of whom kept similar records of their activities. It came at the insistence of some close friends who had the same problem I do: a mind that works overtime and an inability to keep a lid on it. Some would view that as a blessing, and it has its advantages. But it also has a downside: it results in getting to know the taste of ones own foot very well. Keeping a blog really helped gave me an outlet when my thoughts boiled over. People who wanted to hear them could, and those who did not were spared.

Before you continue, whether you are a friend, acquaintance or total stranger, there are some things you should know about me and about the kinds of things you are likely to read here.

* I firmly believe that there is a God. I believe that God created the universe, and us, the human race. I believe that He came to live among us as a fully human man, by the name of Jesus Christ, subjected Himself to the trials and tribulations we face in order to better understand us, and ultimately forgive us for our flaws. If we believe that, we will ultimately join our creator for eternity after we're done with this life. If you do not believe this, I will not judge you for it. However, I will not self-censor my opinions on the subject to be politically correct and make you happy.

* I am a huge fan of cartoons, whether in animation or print. I believe they are possibly the ultimate form of personal expression at their best. The incredible power and legacy of the art form has been marred by the notion that all cartoons are meant for children, and that those meant for adults have to be crude, vulgar and amateurish. Expect to read many entries regarding cartoons and comic strips.

* I believe that humor is the ultimate therapy. I'll make fun of stuff on here, frequently. If you don't like to laugh at stuff, don't bookmark this page!

* I am not a musician, but I have great respect for music. I believe that songwriters today are the equivalent of poets in historical times. Every great song should stand on its own as poetry, or so the troubled but classic Texas songwriter Townes Van Zandt said. I have no musical talent personally, for several reasons: one, I'm not patient enough to learn music. Two, my hands are too big to play guitar comforatably. Three, my elementary school music teacher was a cruel, horrifying woman who called her students "do-nothin', no-nothin' bumper-gums", and somehow thought that a third grader could make a cheap plastic flute called a "recorder" sound good and was eternally bitter because it was always proven false.

* I draw all the time, and I have a scanner. I am a graphic designer and cartoonist. Expect to see lots of images.

*The handful of previous posts on this blog, which I just created tonight, are collected from the aforementioned Facebook and Myspace ramblings that would have gotten lost in the shuffle otherwise.

All that said...enjoy, bookmark, and stay tuned! Mighty Matt is back!

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