Monday, June 29, 2009

Bill and Buster in: "Subtraction from Audition"

Back in 2006, part of the many assignments for completing my Graphic Design degree was to create some sort of project for myself, using the tools I had learned. I decided to create a short comic story by sketching out a storyboard and using it as a guide for an all-digital comic in Illustrator. I found that my characters really work better outside the limitations of Adobe Illustrator, but it was a fun experiment that turned out better than I thought it would.

I hung onto the original sketches, though, simple as they are. I liked the energy of them. I discovered the wonders of Adobe Soundbooth a while back, and realized that while I don't have the time or resources as of yet to animate something like this in Flash, I can arrange drawings in a sequence and record voices for them. I decided to take that old storyboard and play around with that idea. After lots of trial and error over a long period of time, picking it up and putting it down again off and on, I came up with this little animatic.

Yes, that's me as Bill Dawg, Buster Kat, Sam the Coyote, "Doc" and "Horace". I need to work on a more distinctive voice for Buster...but I think I got his personality well enough.

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