Saturday, June 27, 2009

15 Photos That Seem To Be Mandatory on Facebook

15 Photos that seem to be mandatory on Facebook:

1. The “Best Face Forward” photo. For guys, it’s the photo of you in the suit and tie or tuxedo, taken 3 or more years ago and cropped to remove your ex-girlfriend. For girls, it’s about the same, except in a nice dress, with hair and make-up done, and cropped to remove your ex boyfriend.

2. The “My pet and I” photo. Everyone has a photo of themselves hugging a dog, petting a cat, or fondling a small animal.

3. The “Family Portrait” photo. This is you and at least one member of your family, posed in front of a significant backdrop, be it the family house, or ranch, or hometown landmark, or favorite vacation spot.

4. The “Night I got Really Drunk” photo. It’s that one photo you don’t remember, even if you have a photographic memory, because it involves you holding an alcoholic beverage and doing something stupid, taken at a weird angle by your best friend.

5. The “Night My Friends Got Really Drunk” photo. Same as above, except it’s of the friend or group of friends who took photo # 4.

6. The “I Saw My Favorite Band Live” photo. Usually, this is a picture of yourself in the 90th row of a huge concert, smiling, with the band in the background, out-of-focus and the size of ants.

7. The “ Me When I Was Younger” photo. This can be a baby picture, a picture of you as a little kid, or one of you in high school.

8. The “Relationship” photo. This one involves you hugging your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband. If you’re lucky enough to have either of the above.

9. The “Weird But Cool” photo. This involves a random, funny, or just plain strange image your camera captured once. Such as a funny restaurant sign, an animal doing something strange or funny, or anything that makes someone else laugh and/or scratch their head looking at it.

10. The “Horse Photo”. It doesn’t matter if you ride horses, train them, admire them, or despise them. Everyone has a photo that in some way involves a horse.

11. The “Funny Hat’ photo. May or may not coincide with #4…but it involves an unusual object placed on your head. Many of such photos involve items not necessarily intended for use as a hat.

12. The “Sports Photo”. This one depicts you playing, or attempting to play, a sport. It can also be a photo involving your favorite sports team, whether you’re in it or not.

13. The “Emo” Photo. A picture of you in a bad or intense mood, often including Photoshop tweaks for dramatic effect.

14. The “Vacation Photo”. A picture of yourself in front of a monument, pretty scenery, or other location from a vacation.

15. The “Caricature Photo”. This can be an image of the picture some guy at a carnival drew of you, or you as a “Simpsons”, “South Park” character, you morphed in Photoshop, or other internet program-generated exaggeration of yourself.

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