Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random thoughts

Sometimes, random funny thoughts pop into my head. Well, actually, all the time. Like today, for instance. I was just watching TV, waiting on a load of laundry. Apparently Sunday afternoon is when other people do their laundry too, because every commercial that came on was for a laundry or fabric product of some kind.

I got to thinking, What's with the background music in the Febreeze commercials? Imagine being the singer who got called in for that. "Now,we've got this goofy little beat cued up, and all you're going to sing is "bada da dadada dada DA..."

I don't even remember what was going on in the commercial, because the music was so distracting. Even worse, it got stuck in my head.

My cable remote has a guide feature, to show a grid of all the channels and what's on. I ran across a listing that said "Jimmy Swagga". I was disappointed to learn that this was not the greatest rapper MC name in history, but a lazy abbreviation for "Jimmy Swaggart", a televangelist.

These are the kinds of strange things that I think about.

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