Sunday, February 14, 2010


Roughly 6 years ago, back in the good ol' days of college, one of my fraternity brothers took a film class. One of his projects was to make a short film, and he could do whatever he wanted. He decided to do a parody of martial arts/ninja movies, and relate it to everyday life on our small middle-of-nowhere Missouri college campus. He had a ready and willing cast of characters at his disposal, nearly all of them within the Kappa Chi Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. Cast as the protagonist was talented actor and artist Jared "Crackpipe" Krichevsky. Non-Fiji Dan "Danimal" Binning, a close friend of ours and a theater major, was cast as a ninja master. I appear as, essentially, myself, reprising a real conversation I had with Krichevsky after a long, sleepless night involving a bunch of drunken revelers who interrupted my sleep before a big test. (I appear again in a later, much funnier gag in which I happen upon a fight between Krichevsky and another fellow Fiji, Mike Zumwalt.)Other Fiji brothers appear as a gang of ninjas, and still others did voice work in post-production. The voices are deliberately out of sync on purpose (to simulate American-dubbed Japanese movies). It has nods to Kurosawa, Looney Tunes, "The Matrix" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", and while it's just a student short film, I think it still holds up 6 years later, and gives me fond memories every time I watch it.

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  1. Hahaha. Indeed. I'm thinking about a sequel, to film possibly during Islander this year. Interested?